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Product description

Did you know that boredom and loneliness are the leading causes of depression among pets? Experts have shown that a lack of stimulation can cause your pet to show symptoms of depression including inactivity, social withdraw, and changes in eating and sleeping habits. Dogs need environmental stimulation just like humans do! It’s more important than ever to keep your pet happy and healthy. The Pet Rolling Ball makes it easy to keep your pet stimulated and happy. It’s the only pet-friendly device that interactively rolls, keeping your pets active and entertained.

✅Prevents Boredom & Loneliness

✅Provides Essential Exercise For Muscles & Joints

✅Stimulates The Nose and Mind

✅Aids Your Pet's Growth & Development

✅Perfect For Dogs & Cats

Helps Your Pet Stay Engaged: 
The Rolling Ball is the ultimate toy for your pet while you are away or busy. It provides exciting activities to keep your pet from being bored.

Helps Pet's Growth & Development: The Rolling Ball stimulates their nose and mind which trains them to play fetch.

Prevents Unwanted Behavior
: Boredom & anxiousness can lead to destructive behavior for a pet. The ball can significantly keep them occupied and calm.

All Color Covers Included
: We want your pet to have a great experience with our product!

 Perfect Playtime: You love your pet, so why not get a toy that will make sure your pet has the time of its life chasing after it. 


1 x Magic Roller Ball
4 x Furry Colored Cover
(Note: Colors will be sent randomly)